About us

“TETAMAT” LTD is a Bulgarian company for designing, implementing and distributing of quality equipment in the field of the food industry, which provides continuous and high-speed technological processes. We specialize in the areas of packaging, construction of ancillary equipment and non-standard ancillary equipment, Performance Monitoring, Service. Since its establishment in 2007, we have closely monitored the development of the sector and are aware of the risks and challenges not only for Bulgarian entrepreneurs but also those in the territory of EMEA. That is why our goal is to offer solutions that improve productivity, regardless of the turnover and growth rate of individual companies. Our desire is to be useful to everyone. So far, our portfolio includes over 100 operating productions in the country and abroad. Success in today's competitive world is a combination of many different factors, but the speed seems to be becoming more and more decisive. The introduction of full or partial process automation is an opportunity that more and more manufacturers are appreciating.

“TETAMAT” LTD provides a complete service (project managing, custom design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, system integration) for partial or complete automation according to the individual requirements of the client and the specifics of the specific business. We strive to offer workable solutions for the industry that guarantee high precision, the longest service life and minimum costs for after-sales service. We strive to maintain a European model of work, which is why we are recognized as an official representative of leading equipment manufacturers for the industry. In these partnerships, we share experiences with each other and at the same time use a rich base of specific knowledge (know-how) and this has a positive effect on our customers.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who participate in each stage of the design of your system, its implementation in production and subsequent operation.

  •   Our merchants will provide you with ideas and opportunities.
  •   Project managers will assess on-site the spatial and specific features of your environment.
  •   The technical teams will install your equipment with precise accuracy.

As a system integrator, we can design a unique system in accordance with the available area or any other detail that is relevant to the production rhythm, product quality or goals set for the growth of your business.


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4415 Zvanichevo,  Stopanski dvor  42°11'09.1"N 24°15'29.6"E
We believe in the value of people and we are convinced that an organization can work only thanks to the union of motivated professionals, with great sense of responsibility and who can empathize with the customer.
If you think you have these characteristics and want to find out how we do business, send us your application to our address.