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Case flipper


Material complete stainless steel AISI304 or paint RAL 9007
Construction self-supporting from square profiles on adjustable heels
Driven motor-reduction group, iron bearing bodies and galvanized shafts.
Belt type PVC
Belt width upon  request
Linear length upon  request
System height upon  request
Accessories adjustable side guards
Accessories safety switches and safety fence in the area of rotation
Photocell product detection – IFM
System system for automatic lifting of the rollers when the box stopping
Mode inversion central rotary module with individual drive


Features Orientation

  • Patented ARB technology
  • Eliminate product damage
  • Short footprint
  • Adapting system for work with varieties of product sizes
  • Simple maintenance and long-life construction
  • Design – easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Engineered to the highest hygiene  standards.
  • The stainless steel designs are adapted to the requirements of the food processing and hygiene industries.
  • High resistance to aggressive chemicals.

The merging station 2 to 1, allows easy rearranging of your double product flow in a single, achieving this in a very small space. The innovative Intralox ARB belt makes the unit easy for maintenance, long life durable and high-speed performance.


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