Interpack 4-10 may 2023

The pandemic has had a huge influence on the day-to-day routine of the consumer, and on the work of packaging machinery engineers. After heavy losses, the order books are slowly filling up again and the “new normal” is becoming established. Business travel is still down and digitalisation is growing expansively.

While we have been dealing with more stringent restrictions from the government since the middle of March 2020 here in Germany, other parts of the world were placed under strict measures far earlier on. Various lockdowns, travel bans, border closures and the delivery bottlenecks that come with them, along with the increases in prices for raw materials, have forced the economy as a whole to rethink and innovate.


Germany is the world champion in exporting. In addition to this, trade fairs for the packaging industry and the process industry that is linked to it, such as interpack, your world-leading trade fair, could not be held during the pandemic. This meant that it was difficult to initiate new business in particular and relationships with existing customers could not be cultivated as intensively.


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