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Line control systems

Wiring is performed by service engineers of  TETAMAT  and includes power and signal cables from the control panel mounted on the platform to the respective units. There are also cable trays for keeping and organizing cable bundles.
The control panel is used for setting times, speeds and delays operation of the units in the system. Management offers several levels of access.

Control box with control panel for speed regulation. The control panel is used for setting and regulate the speed of the conveyor .

Features Conveyor control system

  • Designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment and protect against harsh, industrial environments for wallmount applications.
  • Doors may be easily removed for modifications and are interchangeable.
  • Cover and enclosure are natural stainless steel with a smooth brushed finish.

Product description

Stainless steel AISI304 electrical cabinet:

  • 1 off Inverter control Schneider
  • Main switch, Start and Stop buttons
  •  Emergency stop button
  •  Switch /Manual control of the speed by small display with buttons
  •  Cable management
  •  Construction for mounting on the conveyor construction

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