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Hydraulic bin tipper

TETAMAT pallet tipper is used for unloading of pallets. The machine has hydraulic system for tipping, safety side fences and optical barrier in access area.

Designation box-pallet 1200х1000х760 mm
Lifting capacity 1000 kg
Installed power 2,2 kW
Turning height 1120 mm
Power supply 3x400+230V/50 Hz
Length 1690 mm
Width 2055 mm
Height in box-pallet loading position 1300 mm
Height when turning 2650 mm


Features Hydraulic bin tipper

  • Easily rotates and empties bins of almost any size, with a 130-degree rotation.
  • Suitable for forklift or hand pallet jack bin loading.
  • The device is operated via hydraulic lever control, with hydraulic power pack supplied (240-volt 2.2kw)
  • Safety barriers are supplied to ensure protection during tipping action.
  • Bin retainer fitted standard to suit mega bins.
  • The tipper can be customised to suit any application or bin type/size.

Product description

Bin tipper is used for easy unloading products from plastic or wooden pallet containers.
It can be used for variety of products such as fruit or vegetables. The tipping process is very gentle with minimal produce drop. With the help of a pallet lifting truck the pallet is placed to the tipper. Then the pallet is lifted and tilted to dose fruits/vegetables into a crusher or onto a conveyor.


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